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To be a great private university dedicated to international education. Our emphasis on international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the integration of knowledge with experience, and close collaboration among peers, professors, and staff equips our students to approach the complex problems of the world efficiently. We want to be able to see beyond our own borders, where understanding the hopes, dreams, cultures, and concerns of other people is the norm; where global awareness, respect, and competence allows people of all backgrounds to work together effectively; where the richness of our diversity is embraced, and where knowledge grows through global interactions.
To empower students with the aim of reaching their full educational and professional potential through participation in international and intercultural experiences. To excel as a leading and innovative university in West Africa with international recognition and top quality education. To be an actor in the construction of African talent by providing students with strong foundations in Dakar, Banjul, and Abidjan before settling them and graduating within a formidable network of partners from the United States of America, Canada, France, England, etc.
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Diversity