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Dr. Papa Madicke DIOP
Founder and President of DUNIS

University of International Studies.

  • Doctor of Management Sciences, Alumni of ESSEC de Paris,
  • President of BEM Dakar and BEM Abidjan and BEM TECH
  • President of THELMA Business School
  • CEO of PROFIL (Strategy, Organization, HR).

Dr. Papa Madicke DIOP has a long and distinguished career as a consultant and educator in West and Central Africa in areas such as human resource management, organization and entrepreneurship.

Throughout his career, President DIOP has strongly advocated for access to higher education for young African students. He considers innovation and excellence as essential. Over the course of his career, Dr. DIOP has been appointed to various management positions, including Director of Credit Cash for Dakar, Abidjan and Conakry, Administrator of Patisen and Enko Education among others.

He is an active member and president of the center for education, training and higher education of the National Council of Employers (CNP) and a member of the Senegalese Investors Club. He advises senior executives from around the world in national and international companies such as Allianz, Sanofi-Aventis, Sonatel (France Telecom), CBAO, Philip Morris, British American Tobacco, Pfizer (West and Central Africa), Nestlé, ASECNA, SDE Money Express Group, Lonase, Sedima, Apix, Asepex, BDK, etc...In 2016, he was made "Knight of the National Order of the Lion" by the president of the republic of Senegal.